The Meaning of Training

According to Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report, one of the main reasons many employees aren’t engaged is they feel their work lacks meaning. The desire to do work that matters is particularly strong among millennials, with 77% saying part of the reason they chose to work where they do is the company’s “sense of purpose.”

Meanwhile, according to a report from Grovo, training and development is the #1 perk millennials seek in prospective employers—many want it more than pension plans or even cash bonuses. 72% of employees say they value on-the-job training more than a college degree.

Now think what proportion of employees in large grocery chains who are on the frontline with customers (i.e., cashiers, shelf restockers) feel they are doing really meaningful work or are given access to regular on-the-job training? Is it any wonder their turnover is so high and engagement so low?